Jul. 14th, 2016

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A/N - Tasteful Smut ahead.

She sat straight and dropped the coverlet; it pooled at her waist and she was everything beautiful.

She reached up and loosed her tresses, long, luscious curls the color of the sun sprang from her fingers and encircled her like a halo and she was everything beautiful.

Her breasts were supple and her nipples stood out, aching for his eyes to capture and engulf them and she was everything beautiful.

To Brandon, she was Aphrodite incarnate, rising from the foam of a great vast sea. He now understood why ancient civilizations worshiped her and he would be her humble supplicant. He joined her in bed, his face to hers and he fell under her gaze.

He reached for her face but hesitated. His hand was too mortal, too rough, too flawed, yet as he pulled away she took it in her grasp and brought it to her lips. She kissed his palm and he felt her power flow through his veins.

She was Venus incarnate, and as she slowly kissed his hand his blood began to heat. This goddess incited a desire so great he knew his sacrifice would be to bring her exquisite pleasure.

Christopher reached forward and pulled his wife to him, bearing his gift of a kiss upon her lips. Marianne responded in kind and drew a long breath through her nose while her tongue welcomed his to explore her mouth. He leaned into her, pulling her close and her breasts pressed against his skin.

He wrapped her within his arms and pulled her down upon him as he laid back upon the bed. Her legs escaped the confines of the bedding and she forgot her nakedness. Their bodies danced upon the sheets as they kissed and stroked as fresh lovers do. Christopher found himself above his bride and he pulled away from her lips to look into a face flush with desire.

He took her right breast in his hand. Oh, Marianne, you are so very beautiful to me, his voice was heavy with breath and he leaned to suckle from her. His erection pressed against her leg and she voiced no remonstration. Instead, she rubbed against it, almost in an effort to discover its secrets.

She tasted of the sea, salty, cold and pure. He laved first one nipple, then the next, taking heed to her deepening breath.

Wife, let me worship you, you are so very beautiful to me. She responded with a gasp and through half opened eyes smiled upon her devotee. As Christopher nipped and licked her luscious orbs, he slid his hand down her torso.

Her skin felt like silk, sleek and unblemished. The hair at her mons was fine, blond and curly, a reflection of her crown. She drew in breath as he reached to touch her labia, yet she did not object and she was everything beautiful to him. He found her to be moist and slick and dared to press a finger into her vagina.

Brandon stroked his wife and brought his finger to find that spot he learned of in the heat of India. During his time there, his favored concubine taught him the uninhibited ways to pleasure a woman, ways foreign to British sensibilities yet methods he desired to employ. Marianne writhed under his attention and her protest met her lips, “Christopher, stop, please! I feel as I might catch fire!”

He looked down upon her and smiled. “You will not combust, my love. You are feeling the stirrings of this sensuous moment.” Marianne panted and grasped his wrist. “Please, I am nervous and concerned. I yearn for you, yet I fear an outward force has possessed me and I am afeared.”

Christopher sat up and stroked her belly with tender affection. “Marianne, you have no need for concern. You are experiencing new sensations; you are uncertain of what to expect. My promise to you? I will never harm you, by deed or by word. If you allow, I will continue. I will bring you to a pleasure you cannot image. Will you trust me, Wife?”

Marianne looked up into his eyes. “Oh, Christopher, I do trust you. Please, I want to be with you in all ways possible.”

Brandon smiled and moved off the bed, pulling a chair to the edge. As Marianne looked at him with confusion, he took her calves within his grasp and pulled her until her hips met the edge of the altar. The wonderment on her visage changed quickly to shock once he bent his face to her womanhood. He planted her feet upon his shoulders and reached to spread her lips. His large nose pressed against that most sensitive spot and as his tongue worked in and around her, the shock on her face changed to a smile of delectation.

Her body tensed and she renewed her complaint but he held her tight and could  not relent. He looked up as he feasted, watching her back arch and one of her hands brazenly massaged a breast. His tongue demanded more, and he flicked furiously at the pearl, inserting a finger back within and resuming his stroke.

“Please stop, please, stop, stop, I cannot… “ Her voice left her as Christopher encased her treasure in his lips and sucked whilst his tongue stroked. His finger within confirmed what his eyes beheld, Marianne in the throes of orgasm and she was everything beautiful.

As Marianne’s body began to calm, Brandon stood quickly and kicked the chair behind him. Taking his wife’s legs in his arms, he stood to meet her at the edge of the bed and he thrust into her with a quick, sure stroke, then stilled.

His wife’s eyes widened and the look of shock was once again on her beautiful face. Christopher wrapped her legs around his waist, then reached and took both breasts within his hands. His tender touch was renewed, and he slowly pulled away from her body. Just before he withdrew, he slowly entered her again, stroking her nipples and watching the wonderment grow within her eyes and this vision would be branded upon him for all eternity.

“Marianne, Marianne, Marianne, I am yours forever.” His breathing grew deeper and he increased his pace. She opened her mouth and moaned. With a deep resonance she professed “I am yours, husband, I am yours forever.”

His labor quickened and with her profession he met his climax, grabbing her hips and pulling her body as close to his as possible. She watched his face in amazement and felt his seed as it jetted against her core. He was damp with sweat and she longed to taste him.

When the act was completed, he released her legs and climbed into the bed, pulling her close to him once more. He kissed the tresses upon her head and brought a leg around her hips, attempting to envelope her under his very skin. She looked up to him and smiled a coy smile and she was everything beautiful, his Aphrodite.


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