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Mrs. Dashwood followed the dim light to the kitchen and found her second daughter sitting alone at the table.

“The hour is late, Marianne! We must rise early on the morrow. What is wrong, my dearest?”

“Oh, Mama, I’m so worried.”

Mrs. Dashwood grinned. She recalled the eve of her own wedding so many years ago.

“Certainly you do not think he doesn’t love you, Marianne? I’ve not seen a man so taken with his intended since your father courted me.”

Mrs. Dashwood reached for the tea kettle and refreshed Marianne’s cup with the warm herbal brew.

“No, Mama, its not that. I know that he does, he has proven his regard… ” Marianne giggled and would say no more.

“But what is this hesitancy, Marianne? Are you concerned for his age?”

“Mama, do you remember how I said that love is to burn? To share a passion such as Romeo and Juliet? No doubt my Christopher has experienced this love before. What if he were to find me lacking? What if he is disappointed with his choice, once he compares me to any past passsions?”

Mrs. Dashwood stood and walked to where Marianne sat, leaning to wrap her arms around her daughter’s neck, kiss her head and chuckle softly. “Marianne, let us discuss the development of love. You will find you have no need to be concerned.”
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