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Delaford was uncharacteristically empty as Brandon had dismissed all but his coachman for two days.

Following Marianne into the estate house, Brandon closed the door, shutting out the world so that there were none but he and his Miss Dashwood in all that existed.

He heard her whisper, “husband.” Looking into her face, he recognized that the desire and passion generated within the carriage had not dissipated. It was easy now, this cherished change in their accord, and he pulled her to his breast. Wrapping her within his arms, Christopher bent to capture her mouth with his. No longer satisfied with those tender, exploratory kisses shared only moments ago, he slipped his tongue between her lips. Marianne tensed, and as he slowly retreated, he felt her gain courage as her tongue reached for his.

A growl emerged from his core and he backed his bride against the wall.


A small surprise ran through Marianne’s body upon experiencing her husband’s kiss. His passion was of a different flavor than Willoughby’s, and she found she preferred Christopher’s less threatening intrusion. She liked the sensation and boldly sought to continue the kiss.

No doubt her reaction was not offensive to Christopher. On the contrary, her response elicited a primal compulsion from her husband. She felt her feet dance as he braced her against the entry wall, using his much larger body to pin her against him.

Her heart beat rapidly and the breath she lost was quickly replaced with his as he once again plundered her mouth. Marianne attempted to focus upon the kiss, but distraction captured her as his hand glided from the back of her shoulder, down her side and wrapped around the small of her back.

“Wife.” From somewhere under a deep velvet ocean Marianne was awakened by her husband’s moan. “Marianne, come with me. Let us retire to the bedchamber.”

Breathless yet energized, Marianne took his hand and went with her husband towards the south end of the manor, realizing her life would soon be forever changed.
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