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Authors Notes: A week ago I took a poll of preferences on my Brandon drabbles for the direction preferred when we got to the initial intercourse of our two love birds. As you could see, SMUT WON.

Have you ever attempted to write Regency smut? It's not easy! I've re-written today's entry three times and I'm still not happy with it. It feels way too contemporary for me. Anyway, if you voted for this to happen "In a tender, loving way that would make Jane proud" consider this to be that entry. For those that voted for the SMUT, tune in tomorrow, same Bat place, same Bat channel.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading this and commenting. It makes me feel like a million dollars! And with no further ado:


Brandon possessed the experience and savoir-faire to facilitate their consummation in a manner most tender and enjoyable. The adulation he retained for Marianne tempered his passion; this occurrence would be the first of many, yet he knew that for both it would be the penultimate expression of the beginning of their life together.

He noticed the hesitancy of his wife return as he assisted her in her undress. Marianne was shy and prudent, and he found approaching her from behind and reaching around to unlace her bodice allowed her a brief bit of modesty. The slow movements of his fingers, his hands, as he drew the bands open brought tranquil delight to his bride and she leaned against his chest.

Christopher pressed his palms against her torso; Marianne reached behind her to stroke his head. He brought his lips to ghost over her neck and shoulders, and as she quivered beneath his attentions, he boldly brought both hands to cup her breasts. His wife’s moan of delight confirmed she was receptive to proceeding along this path.

His voice was low and throaty, “Marianne, lay upon the bed. I find myself restrained and I shall join you shortly.”

Marianne climbed upon the bed and crawled under the cover. She demurely pulled the linen to her neck, but Brandon smiled and shook his head. “I prefer, wife, to look upon you as I undress. I’ve seen beauty in the works of Velázquez, Rubens and Titian, but no artist could capture your allurement.” She blushed, sat up and dropped the cover, allowing her beautiful, soft breasts to be exposed for the delight of her husband.

Though Brandon struggled with his riding boots, he found himself disrobed in a most expedient manner.

Marianne watched fixedly as he removed his breeches. Christopher noticed again a hint of irresolution upon her face as he removed his final garments, leaving his nude form exposed for her inspection. He sat atop the bed’s cover next to his wife, allowing that thin barrier to shield her until she was ready.

to be continued
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